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Race SDX Gravity Defying RC Car

Race SDX Gravity Defying RC Car

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Race To The Moon With Race SDX

Looking for the ultimate race car that's loads of fun and keep your kids entertained? Not to worry. With Race SDX we can do just that- Better, faster and not to mention loads of fun.

Comes with an infrared remote control that's simple to navigate and control the speed and direction easily. Can park, put it in the reverse and even do 360 spins!!

USB chargeable so you never have to worry about replacing any batteries. Simply hook it up, let it charge for a little bit and you're good to go for hours before needing another charge.

Race SDX Gravity Defying RC Car

Races on any surface. Floors, windows, glass, and even on the ceilings. Making it loads of fun to race anywhere in the house.

Main Features:

  • Can be driven on any smooth surface, such as floors, windows, even ceilings. 
  • Forward and reverse, turn left/right, and stop with brake lights.
  • Ultra lightweight car body coupled with a powerful suction fan.
  • Lightweight yet heavy duty and shockproof body that won't break if it falls from the ceiling or wall.
  • Comes with a infrared remote controller, you can control the running speeds and directions. 
  • Can do 360 degree rotating when forwarding and reversing, cool enough to play with.
  • Perfect gift for Christmas.


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